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Birthdate:Apr 28
Location:Oregon, United States of America
I am a total INFJ. I haven't met many of those. I'm also Type 9, the peacemaker. this is very true.

I'm a weirdo... with an overactive imagination and an extensive vocabulary.

I am a hopeless romantic but proceed with caution...

I am not pretentious... in fact I tend to be overly modest.

I totally need more friends... which is funny because I'm great with people.

If I could have any superpower I would pretty much be Storm on steroids. The raw power and control of the skies and weather is just extremely appealing, not to mention the ability to fly.

I like point and click adventure games. Anyone remember Myst?

I'm the kind of gal who tells her family and friends that I love them whenever I see or call them. You never know what's going to happen... so I make damn sure that the people I care about know that I love and care for them.

I use ellipsis frequently... and shifty eyes. >.>

I am a Taurus through and through. I can be a bit of an introvert at times and I enjoy being a homebody. That being said, I do enjoy a nice adventure every now and then.

I'm a laid back person, I like to go with the flow of things and see where it might lead me. I'll be honest though and say that I am a bit of a planner. I like to know what's going on in advance. Once I know I just go with the flow. ;)

I adore being outside... I need a fun hiking buddy.

I put in 350 hours of volunteer time at my mother's school last year. I love working with the third graders and they love me.

What I'm good at:

*Using large words appropriately.
*Analyzing and understanding people.
*Making people laugh, though sometimes unintentionally.
*Being highly logical at the worst times and being a hot mess when the situation calls for logic.
*Being polite and nice.
*Occasionally being a smartass.
*Over analyzing and over thinking.
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